My Cat is a Bus

Happy Halloween presenting my cat, Yun Yun as the Catbus! This year’s costume is from Miyazaki’s animated film My Neighbor Totoro. It is a classic children film about two sisters’ discovery of magical creatures and the adventures they have together. Definitely a CUTE movie … just like my kitties:) So I’m excited to dress up my cats as the Catbus and Totoro. They have the perfect resemblance and spirit of these characters.

Making the costumes was the most fun and I’m happy it turned out so well. I know dressing Bumbe as Totoro will be simple. He is already fat and grey. So I just plucked a leaf, taped it to his head and done! For the Catbus costume, I had to cut out felt fabric and cardboard, added extra legs, sewn and hot glued everything together. Plus the little mice with sparkly eyes act as headlights, which made for the perfect finishing touches. I think this is their best costumes yet! (Although Bumbe and Yun Yun look cute in their other homemade costumes too!)

Can’t wait to see everyone’s Halloween costumes!


47 thoughts on “My Cat is a Bus

  1. Nor says:

    I saw the catbus photo online and decided to search for the people who made it! And here I Am! Your cat is adorable btw with or without the bus costume:P

  2. Wednesday says:

    Hi, I’m Wednesday. I’m an editor from the niusnews( Because your cat & the costumes are really cute, may I have a brief report about it ? I’ll write your name and website as the source in the article ,is that ok ? Thanks for your reply ,have a nice day 🙂

  3. ching says:

    GOSHHHH I love My Neighbor Totoro!!! Your pictures are beautiful, makes me miss having a cat around. They are very interesting creatures. Great work on the costume!!

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