My cat is a bus 2 – short clip

Here is a new Catbus video starring Yun Yun!

My cat is a bus – 2 from Ipomoea Films on Vimeo.

If you have not watch the first short clip, here is the link: The first Catbus video was done 4 years ago in our backyard when Yun Yun was 6 years old. There was no directing this kitty (even though we attempted to), so we captured what we could. She is quite the explorer!

Yun Yun is now 10 years old. This second video was filmed during our camping trip a few weeks ago in Northern California. Even as a senior cat, she still has a sense of adventure and enjoys being in nature with us. Like the first video, there was no directing of the cat. This video was filmed in static shots to reflect Yun Yun’s current stage of maturity, calmness, and deep in thoughts.

Hope you enjoy!


My cat is a bus 2016

In honor of National Cat Day and Halloween weekend, the Catbus is making an appearance again. Yun Yun’s original costume has been through some adventures and needed some sprucing up. So, I’ve spent a day following the same DIY and made her a new Catbus outfit.

Recently, we went on a family camping trip with Yun Yun. While hiking through the mystical woods on a rainy day, a kitty creature with many legs, furry seats, and window view awaits to take wandering passengers on a ride along with my neighbor Totoro, and the forest spirits. This is my cat and she is a bus.




Happy National Cat Day & Happy Halloween!