Summer’s Here

Yep, it’s finally here! This year’s weather has been bizarre. Just two weeks ago, it was raining and snowing in Northern California…in June! Now suddenly, the temperature turns to 100 degree. Yikes! Where is the in between gradual warm-up to get myself ready for the summer heat? Currently, I am roasting in my upstairs apartment. It is an old place with no central AC. The cats are not doing well in the heat too. They are laying flat and stretched out on any cool spot they can get to. Poor kitties… at least, I don’t have to wear a fur coat all year long. It is sun dresses, ice cream, and watermelons for me until fall!

Ladies, it is time to swap your LBD for a LWD.  Perfect summer outfit!


Short Sweet Break

It’s been a bit busy lately, seems like every time spring time comes along, there are just an endless list of activities. We love to be productive and it’s all so fun! Currently, we are finishing editing several projects.  Meanwhile this past weekend, we photographed a wonderful wedding …so even more editing to come! Plus graduation and another wedding coming in 2 weeks! But before that, we decided to take a short break and drive on the country road to our new favorite spot 30 minutes away from home to a fruit and vegetable stand.

T & Y Strawberry Patch in Woodland has the sweetest, juiciest strawberries, picked fresh from their strawberry field. Tastes like candy! We also love getting the fresh green veggies. For $1, we got a huge bundle of spinach! They are amazingly fresh and yummy. Mustard green, beets, and oranges are all very good.

Of course, I like to take a camera whenever I’m out and about. This was a birthday gift from my sweetie Yip:) a Poloroid One Step Land camera. I discovered an expired pack of film from my mom. Here are pictures from our day.


This was a simple, sweet break to reward our hard work and now back to editing.