Bumbe Bike

Fall is here, which means school is now in session and all the students are back in town. Summer has always been pleasant in ways that there is no waiting in long lines at the coffee house, no solicitors asking you to join their clubs, and no bike traffic. Yep bike traffic! Especially during the beginning of the school year, everyone decides to ride their bikes. Whether it’s incoming freshmen or students who moved to their very first apartment, everyone decides to give bike riding a chance. It is all about biking on campus!

Living in a bicycling town has turned me into a bike lover. It is my #1 choice of transportation. I love bikes! So let me introduce you all to my very special ride the Green Bumbe Bike:)

Vintage single-speed, Univega mixte-style, with custom paint and accessories

A few years ago, Yip bid on this bike at the bike auction. We took the broken orphan bike home and stashed it in the back patio for a while. Then 2 years ago near my birthday, Yip bought me a bike tool kit:D Seriously, I’ve never been so excited to get a box of tools before, because this meant that he was going use it to fix up the bike. And I get to design my dream bike! We took the whole bike apart and did a complete restoration. My role was to choose the color and Yip rebuilt everything else. We repainted it a leafy green and I named it “Bumbe” (after my cat of course). That’s the story about my Bumbe bike and I’ve been riding it everyday since! It is very special to me because it’s our sweet little project. I just love my bike! Thank you Yip for a wonderful birthday gift!

Recently, I made a few upgrades to my bike and it is better than ever! New brown saddle to replace the original cracked and torn one. Aren’t bike parts so beautiful? Old and new!

The original black finger bike grips were surprisingly still in good shape, but I went ahead and changed them to cork grips to match my new brown saddle. I followed other reviewers’ advice and shellac the cork grips to give them a nice amber color and  protection. Also I got a nice shiny bell for added flare:)

On the first day of fall, I started riding Bumbe 2.0 along with all the freshman and their new bikes. A few enhancement makes my old Bumbe bike feels like new again. I’m such a happy biker!

Here’s a list of the new bike accessories I purchased through Amazon:
Selle Royal Ondina Brown Saddle – Very comfortable and happy with vintage look
Crane Suzu Lever Strike Brass Bell – Beautiful bell, but extremely loud
Dimension Cork Grips, Tan – Needs a few adjustment and then it is great, slightly loose fitting
Zinsser Bulls Eye Shellac, Amber – Awesome, dries quick and great color

Update: Bumbe bike was stolen on July 19, 2012 😦



Ipomoea Films Photography

Ipomoea Films is our photography and cinematography company. We provide wedding photography and videography services through out the Bay Area, Sacramento and Napa Valley. What I love most about this work is that I learn about so many different culture in tradition, food, and celebration. It is great getting a glimpse of our happy couple’s love story. We are able to capture lovely moments and create wonderful personalized films. If you haven’t seen our work, please check out our website: http://ipomoeafilms.com/

When we’re not filming and editing weddings, we like to continue improving our skills and do artistic studies like our still life series. In this series we collected ornaments from various places around Bay Area and Sacramento Valley.  Also with the help of our friend Wendy, she loaned us many beautiful, precious, and full of history art pieces for our still life project. One of our goal is to develop a foundation of color matching. Another goal is to capture the most natural form of each subject and combine them together. And lastly, the balance between the subjects and open space.

See more of our still life series at our facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ipomoea-Films/138524259534690#!/pages/Ipomoea-Films/138524259534690

Here we are at work: (Photo taken by Wendy)