Cat Days of Summer

Another heat wave has arrived. As you know my little window AC unit is weak and I’m on the second level, so the apartment get HOT! Surprisingly, I’ve been coping quite well, with the exception of a few whining here and there. As for the cats and their furry coats, they are not enjoying this temperature at all. One good thing is that it keeps them out of trouble because all they do is lie around and be extra lazy. Yun Yun likes to sun bathe by the window, however after a while, she will jump down and completely faint, all sprawl out on the floor. Bumbe has been sleeping flat on his belly on the bathroom floor, tub, and anywhere cool (if it even exists).

Recently, Bumbe spontaneously did his helpless meows at me, voicing his complaints about the heat. Poor Bumbe, he has medium length hair and is shedding like crazy. So we decided to give him a very thorough grooming. Last month, we gave him a bath. He screamed the whole time, but was happy afterwards because he smelled so nice and clean. A couple days ago, he got a good 20 minutes of combing. This part he enjoys a lot, being pampered and massaged. Cat sure knows how to live the life! At the end, we accumulated a huge fur ball all from my tubby Bumbe. Combing all the hair away actually made him look 30% slimmer. An instant makeover! Hope that helps you cool off a bit my dear kitty:)

Having fun with the kitty wig. Check out his bouffant! What do you think? Stylish look for Bumbe 😛

How do you keep your kitties cool and comfortable during the summer?