My Cat’s Birthday

Today is my cat Bumbe’s birthday. He is 6 years old. We adopted Bumbe at the SPCA when he was 6 months old. I fell in love with his big eyes and his chubby figure. This silly cat just made us laugh. He is a timid cat, but is the most affectionate once you gain his trust. All in all, Bumbe is very special to me. So on his birthday, I like to do something to spark up his normal sleep, eat, sleep, eat routine.

Every year on his birthday, I make him a birthday cone hat and throw him a little birthday party. Yeah I know…crazy cat lady! Hey, I get an excuse to eat dessert. Plus Bumbe has a guest of honor, my other cat Yun Yun. Kitten party, isn’t that a cute affair:)

To catch you up on the birthday boy, here’s a time line of his birthday portrait from age 1 to 5:

Today, 6 years old Bumbe, in a piggy theme birthday hat:


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